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Efpage is the private homepage of Eckehard Fiedler. Actually the english pages are only used to publish TinyPic and TinyPicPro.

My programs are written in Borland-Delphi, which I suppose is the most efficient language today. I do publish some sources and components on the german pages. Because all documentation and also most of the programs have german user interfaces or comments I will not put them on the english pages. Nevertheless I just started my own translation tool for delphi so there is a good chance to get more tools in english later.

If you have any comments or suggestions to my programs or to this page, please feel free to write me an email to!

Eckehard Fiedler

From my software lab:

TinyPic: the incredible shrinking images...

TinyPic is an automatic file resizer. It uses an optimized balance between file size and image quality. The files will be reduced to 20-80kB with a minimum of quality loss. The main purpose is to shrink pictures for emails, and the user interface is so easy to use that anybody can use the program


Last update: 14.03.2021